About us

Our vision and values

We want to see people’s lives transformed and serve our communities with the power, truth and love of Jesus Christ. His power forgives sin, gives us spiritual life, heals broken bodies and heals hurting hearts. The truth found in His word provides the best worldview and creates new and hope-filled thought-patterns. Jesus’ love embraces everyone and gives dignity to all people. At the Vine we want to carry that power, share His word and show his love in an authentic way, to each other and to our communities.

The story so far...

The Vine started in 1997 when Peter and Kay Goodchild moved to Cranbrook with their family to start a fresh expression of Church family in the area. From the very beginning with a small group of people in a front room in Cranbrook the Vine has always had a family feel, warmly welcoming newcomers. In these early days praise and worship and the presence of God were key priorities. Since this time the Vine has become a recognised part of the community and faithfully shared the good news of Jesus and encouraged people in their relationship with God, whilst providing a loving family environment. In 2013 their son and daughter in-law, David and Amanda took on the role of leading the Church. Peter and Kay have since moved to South Africa as missionaries to assist with the work of Emmanuel Press. They continue to play a vital role in supporting the leadership of the Church and will always be honoured for their years of investment as the 'Mum and Dad' of the Vine.

What we believe 

The Vine Church is a mainstream Christian Church, in particular, we also believe that God still does miracles today and wants to lead and bless people through the gifts and presence of the Holy Spirit. 

We are excited about the gospel – that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, every person can receive forgiveness for their sins, know God personally as their good and loving Father, and discover their true purpose in life and the adventure of walking each day with the Holy Spirit.

We also believe that our lives find true meaning in community as we love, serve and care for each other. Here at the Vine we are seeking to build a fun, loving, safe and supportive church family who welcomes others to be a part of this great community of faith.


The work of the Vine is led by David & Amanda, and governed by the church oversight, which also includes our Board of Trustees. A number of people also share responsibility for leading different areas of Church activity and together work to provide direction and accountability.


We relate closely with several other churches in Kent, as well as other churches in our town and region from other denominations. We also receive counsel and support from a number of recognised Christian leaders both from within the UK and abroad. Our association with other churches is based on genuine friendship and we look for opportunities to work together wherever possible. The Vine is also affiliated with the Evangelical Alliance and the Assemblies of God GB.

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